Together We Brew NS Beerfest 2024

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Welcome beer enthusiasts! We had the exciting opportunity to speak with the organizers of the Together We Brew NS Beerfest 2024 to learn more about the event.

Get ready to raise your glass and sip away at the highly anticipated Together We Brew NS Beerfest 2024 taking place at the Halifax Waterfront at Pavilion 22 on Saturday, April 6. Hosted by the Nova Scotia Craft Brewers Association, this event promises to be a celebration of all things craft beer, showcasing the finest brews that the province has to offer.

With a diverse lineup of local breweries, exciting activities, and a welcoming atmosphere, this beerfest is set to be an unforgettable experience for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. So mark your calendars and prepare your taste buds, this is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss!

“Together We Brew NS Beerfest 2024” sounds like an exciting event. Can you share some of the highlights and what attendees can look forward to this year?

We’ve dubbed this festival “Nova Scotia’s largest taproom” because it’s the one time a year we have the most of our local craft breweries under one roof! Ranging from old favourites to newer, experimental micro-breweries, we have something for everyone (cider, RTDs, and non-alc options included!)… including the 2024 CBANS collaboration brew! We’ve listened to feedback from last year so our attendees can expect a return of live music and a greater range of food options to make sure everyone’s preferences are considered. 

With over 40 breweries from across the province participating, how do you select and curate the breweries and beers featured at the festival to offer a diverse and unique tasting experience?

The breweries that attend our festival make up the Nova Scotia Craft Brewers Association. Each brewery has their own unique styles & specialties, and part of what’s so exciting about this festival is getting a peek on what’s new and being able to chat with the brewers for an understanding of their mindset/passion heading into the 2024 season.

It’s interesting to note that the festival is sample ticket-free this year. Can you tell us more about this decision and how it will enhance the overall festival experience for attendees?

Absolutely! This is something we’re quite excited about. Feedback from previous festivals told us attendees found they weren’t able to discover new styles or breweries having been limited to a certain number of samples. We’ve worked closely with Alcohol & Gaming to find an appropriate volume to bring to the festival so every brewery can have equal opportunity to promote themselves and new products. Last year was the first with these new regulations, and it proved successful! Attendees & producers were satisfied with the new strategy and we’re happy to continue the trend into this year’s festival 🙂

The festival offers two tasting sessions on April 6th, catering to both VIP and General Admission attendees. What are the differences between these sessions, and why might someone choose VIP access?

VIP offers an extra hour to taste, sample, have one on one time with the producers without the crowd; a little more of an intimate session.  The afternoon generally attracts the 25+ crowd, the music is a little more dialed down but also gives a first opportunity at our CBANS merch. The evening session generally attracts a larger crowd in both VIP and general admission, the music is more ramped up and the crowd is younger to mid age levels. You get your value from both sessions with the opportunity to discover new favourites!

Can you share any exciting special features or activities that will take place at Pavilion 22 on the Halifax Waterfront during the event?

There are going to be games people can enjoy between samplings and the live music really brings together the experience! We’ll have an array of food options & there’s even enough space for a dance floor 💃 We’ll have a photobooth where you can take photos and we encourage attendees upload them to your social media using hashtag #TogetherWeBrewNS so we can share them 😁

Responsible consumption is an important aspect of any alcohol-related event. How does the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia ensure that attendees can enjoy the festival responsibly, and what measures are in place to promote this?

Definitely, this is important to us. Firstly, we ensure patrons have access to plenty of non-alcohol options to discover & enjoy throughout the festival. We are encouraging all producers who make non-alcohol options to bring a couple options for attendees, and we are excited to announce Kombucha will be returning with some new products as well! The NSLC is our presenting sponsor, and they’ll be offering taxi chits throughout the day. We are also currently working with Halifax Transit to acquire free bus passes for the day of the event. Producers have been prepped to only pour 2oz samples and are trained to know when a patron is at their limit and will not serve anyone that has over-consumed. CBANS staff will be present and circulating the event to ensure patrons are having a good time and inquire if anyone needs assistance. Craft beer is to taste, sample and enjoy. Each product & producer have a story of their own and there will be plenty to do with games, enjoying the food, dancing, socializing… the time will fly by!

Nova Scotia’s craft beer scene has been growing rapidly. How does an event like Together We Brew NS Beerfest contribute to the continued growth and success of the local craft beer industry in the province?

The craft beer scene in Nova Scotia began just under 30 years ago, and you’re right – in recent years we’ve seen incredible growth! We’ve found success because in this industry everyone works together – collaboration > competition. Our goal at CBANS is to promote our local producers and make sure the world knows the kind of quality products that are produced and readily available in our home province. The Together We Brew Fest is the one time a year we’re able to get this many of our local beer producers in one room to chat & celebrate one another. 

Join us on the Halifax Waterfront at Pavilion 22 on Saturday, April 6 to share stories with local brewmasters, enjoy live music & catch up with friends all while discovering our incredible local craft beer scene. Visit the Together We Brew NS Beerfest 2024 website to purchase your tickets now!

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