MYSTERY: Space Disco – Brightest Event of the Month!

Get ready for the brightest and most anticipated event of the month! The MYSTERY: Space Disco theme will immerse you in an unforgettable atmosphere and will help you get away from the world. Your costume will be an integral part of the party. Turn into what you have always dreamed of with a look that’s out of this world. 👽

DEISEN, a New York based DJ and producer, will delight you with his unique hypnotic grooves. Also aboard our intergalactic aircraft carrier is an experienced group of local artists – CPR & DIEGO.

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What kind of electronic music genres will be featured at the SPACE DISCO party?

Our team promotes the idea of intelligent sound. High-quality electronics combined with emotional experiments in electronica, downtempo, and deep house & techno.

Can you give us a sneak peek into the kind of costumes that guests are encouraged to wear for the SPACE DISCO theme?

Adherence to the dress code is not mandatory! It is your personal desire to maintain the party atmosphere. We are waiting for you in any outfit that suits you! We look forward to seeing you dressed for the theme with a look that’s out of this world. Let your outfit emphasize your personality and have fun with it! But definitely your style at the party accentuated shiny and mirrored accessories, sequins, disco outfits!

What unique elements or special effects will be used to create a SPACE DISCO atmosphere?

Our main unique element is our guests – friends who share our interests and bring a bang of their own are our special effect! We strive to build communities of unique people, lovers of music and friendly communication.

How will the venue be transformed to reflect the SPACE DISCO theme?

Each of our parties is a new room, uniquely designed and decorated space. All this is done for one night only and not repeated. We have a few exciting surprises for June 14!

What kind of surprises or interactive experiences can guests expect at the party?

Cocktails for guests, decorations and atmosphere of the room, and music. A single picture and one emotion – let each component leave the best emotions.

Will there be any themed food and drink options available to complement the SPACE DISCO theme?

The Stillwell Brewery has a full license to sell alcohol – we trust our friends and partners fully with this.

How will the music lineup be structured, and are there any headliner acts to look forward to?

At 10pm, our guest and friend of the project CPR will start playing with intriguing notes of slow and deep techno. At 11:30pm our guest DEISEN from New York will take the initiative and lead the crowd into the hypnotic rhythms of his set. At 1am for the remote will become the resident and ideological inspirer of the project MYSTERY – DIEGO with a vigorous and groovy compilation.

Event & Venue Details

The party will be on June 14, 2024 and be 9pm – 2am. Located at the Stillwell Brewing Company, 3670 Kempt Rd. Halifax (19+ only).

Ticket Details

Tickets can be purchased here. Use our special promo code HALIFAXEVENTS10 for 10% off tickets.

Follow MYSTERY on Instagram for more details about artists, dress code and more upcoming events.

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