Meet the Band: All Honesty

All Honesty is an Alternative Pop Punk band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band currently consists of 5 members: Chris Hardy (lead singer), Brandan Flemming (lead guitar), Jon Last (guitar), Colton Frausell (bass), and Matt Cormier (drummer).

In March 2021, the band released their debut EP, Change Who You Are, marking a significant moment in their music careers. Since then, the band has further refined their sound, both as a band and as solo artists. We had the opportunity to chat with the band to learn more about its members, creative process, and interests!

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Brandan Flemming, lead guitarist of All Honesty. Photo credits: @thomastakespix

What artists, movies, books, anything; inspires the band and members to make music?

We draw a lot of inspiration from various bands from a variety of different genres but most of our inspiration comes from 2000-mid 2010’s hardcore punk and pop punk bands. Bands like The Story So Far, New Found Glory, Comeback Kid and Turnstile.

We have also found inspiration from obscure TV shows like Dark and Black Mirror when it comes to some of the lyrical content. However a lot of the lyrics are based on personal experiences more than anything else.

Your favourite bands, artists, or musicians?

Our favourite artists are similar or the same as the ones who inspire us. We all grew up listening to heavier music and generally that is where we all seemed to gel. The Story So Far, No Pressure, Thrice, Dayseeker, Turnstile, Funeral for a friend, there are so many others it would be impossible to list them all.

For those who don’t know your band, how would you describe your music?

We would describe our music as fast, energetic pop punk with elements of rock and hardcore. Pop punk with an edge would probably be the best description.

How has your musical taste changed from when you first started playing to your latest release?

I would say that our musical taste has mainly remained the same. What has changed is gear we use live and gear that we use in the studio. For example, we no longer use tube amplifiers and switched to modellers. We use new plugins and recording techniques that we didn’t previously use. A lot of that comes from seeing what more modern tech savvy bands are using and applying those ideas.

What is your creative process for new songs?

Usually our guitar players Jon and Brandan will collaborate on a new song and record it through recording program Logic. Jon will also program rough drum parts as a guideline. Once it is finished, the rough song will be presented to the rest of the band. From there, Colton will write the bass parts and put his own spin on what he wants to do. The same thing is done with the drums and Chris will write the majority, if not all of the lyrics at this time. We can then make tweaks and modifications if we feel something doesn’t sound right.

Once we collectively decide the song is finished, we do ‘pre-production’ of the song by recording it a second time in Logic with all of the ideas from the band and Chris finishes his lyrics. This also gives us a template so when we are ready to do a proper recording of the song, we can refer to the pre-production version.

What is your favourite venue to perform at and what is your most memorable moment during a show?

Our favourite venue to perform so far is the Marquee in Halifax. Whenever we play there the crowd is always energetic and fun which in turn helps us perform better. The most memorable moment would probably be when Chris ripped his pants on stage during emo night.

What other band, artist, or group would you love to collaborate with?

Sudden Waves from Montreal and The Downcast from Ontario. We all have aspirations to tour and we enjoy each others’ music so we are hoping to make that happen.

Are you familiar with other bands in the area? If so, which are your favourites?

Some local bands that we enjoy are Helsreach, Necrohol, Customer Service and Thousand Knives.

What is your favourite song you have made and why?

Everyone You’ve Ever Known. Its the title track of our most recent EP and one of our favourite songs to play live. It’s a great song to sing a long to and it’s fun to play.

Where can people find your music and do you have any shows or new releases coming up?

Our music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major streaming services. We have other links that can be found on our Instagram; @allhonestyca. Our next show will be as host band at the Light House Art Centre for the final round of the Pavilion Battle of the Bands on Friday March 15. We will be announcing more show dates in the near future.

There will also be a new single dropping in the spring. Anyone interested can add us on Instagram and we’ll keep you up-to-date with what we have planned for the rest of 2024.

Thank you to the members of All Honesty for taking the time to answer our questions. You fellas play good tunes – keep it up!

To learn more about the band we recommend checking out Ben Ford’s “All Honesty – Behind the Band” video on YouTube. It goes even more in-depth about the members and their history with music!

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