Meet the Artist: Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin is a Canadian indie alt-pop musician, based in Halifax. Known for his experimental methods and spectacular live performances, Aucoin has garnered himself quite the reputation as an energetic and engaging performer.

Aucoin’s latest album releases, “Synthetic Season 2” and “Synthetic Season 1” have been praised for featuring over 100 synths!

We had the incredible opportunity to chat with Aucoin. Join us to learn more about him, his creative process, and future plans!

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For those who don’t know your band, how would you describe your music?

The show I’m doing right now (which is ending at the end of 2025 – so like 3-4 Halifax shows left), is an immersive collective singalong dance party. It was born out of watching Pink Floyd sync to Wizard of Oz at the Oxford Theatre (RIP), but then morphed into a hyper crowd participatory show after opening for bands like Dan Deacon, Girl Talk and The Flaming Lips and being so inspired by those shows. I like what Calgary Folk Fest just wrote as a bio for me too:

“Just attend one of Aucoin’s acclaimed live shows, which sit somewhere between multimedia spectacle, communal singalong and full-out revival. You might just change your life.” – Calgary Folk Music Festival

How has your musical taste changed from when you first started playing to your latest release?

I think each album pushes me to research more of its genre as I’ve made lots of different genres over the years on the albums. Right now I’m really interested in synthesizers and electronic music so been delving way deeper than I ever have into House and Techno for example. 

What is your creative process for new music / songs?

I make a set of rules for each record and a lot of the rules are inverted rules from the previous album so as to try something new. The records either sync up to movies like Pink Floyd does with Wizard of Oz.

For me: Personal Publication syncs to How The Grinch Stole Christmas, WADTL syncs to a movie I cut together from 38 public domain movies. Ephemeral syncs with The Petit Prince, Release with Alice in Wonderland. And then the two latest albums, United States, I wrote while cycling across America and Synthetic I wrote on over 100 rare synthesizers at a couple synth museums in Calgary/LA.

Based on the type of music you make, do you have any “guilty pleasure” songs or music genres you like that most people wouldn’t expect?

Guilty pleasure is such a funny term as if listening to any music is morally wrong, haha. I do listen to quite a bit of Bossa Nova and Hawaiian music though. It’s relaxing to listen to genres which I don’t intend on making music in (at least at this point) most of the rest of the time, it’s hard to turn my brain off from analyzing what’s happening musically and/or how it might have been recorded. 

Where can people find your music and do you have any shows or new releases coming up?

Following me on Instagram is the easiest I think, I’m the most active there. I’m on all the socials though. I’m hopefully gonna play somewhere during the JUNOS, after that, the next local shows are my annual Shore Club show at the end of the summer and my headlining show for this year’s show at The Marquee Ballroom on October 19. Scooping your tix now is a lot cheaper and let’s me relax on having to worry about show promo and I can actually just focus on the show!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer our questions, Rich – we appreciate it!

Definitely check out Rich Aucoin’s Instagram to stay up to date with him. Rich and his music can also be found on his website, Facebook, X, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Deezer.

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