Meet the Artist: PINEO & LOEB

PINEO & LOEB are an award-winning Canadian electronic Producer/DJ duo based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. From performing at Shambhala to releasing chart-topping remixes, this incredibly talented duo have proven themselves to be true musical masters!

We had the incredible opportunity to chat with PINEO & LOEB. Join us as we dive into their creative process, influences, upcoming projects, and more!

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What artists, movies, books, anything; inspires the band and members to make music?

In the beginning it was really Daft Punk. Calvin Harris showed us we could do anything musically in your room with a computer. Now my biggest inspiration is Prince. How he was able to evolve his sound and record thousands of songs over 40 year period and always stay true to himself is what any artist would dream of. 

Movies are a huge source of inspiration, my favourite director Stanley Kubrick said “a film should be more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings.” Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or The Matrix give me massive goosebumps like an incredible song and really motivate me to strive for my full potential.  

For those who don’t know your band, how would you describe your music?

Someone recently described us as “straight party rocking dance music” and I really liked that. We want to move people physically with great beats and emotionally with great timeless tunes. Our productions and DJ sets really try to mix the soul of the past with the sheen of the modern day. 

How has your musical taste changed from when you first started playing to your latest release?

We still play the very first tracks we made together in our DJ sets so we’re very true to our past but wholeheartedly embrace all the new styles that come as music evolves. We’ve really zoned in on the type of music that makes us want to dance and from extensive touring we’re really grateful to see and feel what makes people want to dance all over, that has had a big impact on our writing.

What is your creative process for new music?

We’ve had songs arise in so many different ways it’s always a journey. We really like to work out what we want to do conceptually throw conservation and then take that inspiration into very long sessions in the studio, which lately for us has been on a laptop with headphones in the back of a car or wherever we find ourselves.

What is your favourite venue to perform at and what is your most memorable moment during a show?

We’ve been so lucky to play at hundreds of different venues that we all love for different reasons. So many magical moments have arisen, from DJing in a snowfall for Alaskas biggest outdoor show to the Fractal Forest stage at Shambhala with all our favourite people.

What other band, artist, or group would you love to collaborate with?

Collaboration is so important to us, we love the new possibilities that arise when we combine our style with someone else’s. We’re huge music history buffs and really want to collaborate with everyone out there who’s music we enjoy. 

Powerful singers and stylistic mold breakers really inspire us. Canadian singers like Kiesza and Lights are bucket list collaborations for us but probably the #1 most desirable collaboration for us would be with the genius songwriter Max Martin. He’s behind the biggest songs of childhood favourites like Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys as well as modern hit makers like The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

Based on the type of music you make, do you have any “guilty pleasure” songs or music genres you like that most people wouldn’t expect?

If you go deep into our discography you’ll find all kinds of styles and moods, we really try to explore it all. We don’t feel guilty about our love of any music, if it moves us it moves us!

What is your favourite song you have made and why?

That really changes as the years go, our song Circles has been a fan favourite and still really makes the party move. Our upcoming single Limitless with def3 sonically rocks the party and lyrically delivers messages that are important to us. That’s a sweet spot we always love to hit.

Where can people find your music and do you have any shows or new releases coming up?

Spotify has all our original music so its a great place to start but we have nearly 100 remixes on SoundCloud and YouTube that show what we do with other legendary songs like Stairway to Heaven or David Bowie’s Heroes. 

Be sure to check out our latest original single Limitless out everywhere on March 15th!

Thank you P&L for taking time out of your day to answer our questions! You guys are doing great things, and we hope you get to collaborate with Max Martin someday! 😉

Check out the PINEO & LOEB Instagram to stay up to date with them. P&L and their music can also be found on their website, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Twitch.

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