10 Things To Do In Halifax, Nova Scotia During the Winter Season

Winter in Halifax, Nova Scotia transforms the city into a wonderland of snowy landscapes, vibrant festivities, and exciting activities. Dress warm, enjoy the chilly season, and explore a variety of experiences unique to our city. Here are 10 things to do in Halifax during the winter:

1. Skating at the Emera Oval

Feel the exhilaration of gliding over the ice at the Emera Oval, a free outdoor skating rink perfect for all ages and skill levels. Skate rentals are available, and the atmosphere is filled with joyous laughter and twinkling lights.

2. Winter Walks at Point Pleasant Park

Traverse the snow-covered trails of Point Pleasant Park. This historical park offers serene winter walks, stunning waterfront views, and a peaceful escape from the bustle of the city.

3. Peggy’s Cove in Winter

Visit the iconic Peggy’s Cove during the winter months. The stunning lighthouse against a backdrop of snow-covered rocks and crashing waves presents a breathtaking and serene scene, perfect for photography enthusiasts.

4. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Delve into history by exploring the Halifax Citadel, where you can witness reenactments and discover the city’s military past. The winter ambiance adds a layer of mystique to this historic gem.

5. Winter Festivals and Markets

Experience the festive spirit at various winter markets and events, including the Glow Halifax Christmas Light Festival & Market – plus many more!

6. Snowshoeing or Cross-Sountry Skiing

Head to the nearby trails and parks for some invigorating snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. With plenty of trails around, embrace the natural beauty of winter in Halifax.

7. Local Culinary Delights

Indulge in Halifax’s culinary scene with cozy cafés, pubs, and restaurants offering hearty winter comfort foods and local delicacies like seafood chowder and buttery lobster rolls.

8. Halifax Public Gardens in Winter

Marvel at the Halifax Public Gardens, which transform into a winter wonderland. The snow-dusted landscapes add a serene beauty to this charming botanical garden.

9. Museum and Art Galleries

Escape the cold by visiting the numerous museums and art galleries in Halifax. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia offer captivating exhibits and events.

10. Halifax Harbour Cruise

Embark on a winter harbor cruise and witness Halifax’s beauty from a different perspective. The scenic views of the city’s coastline and the icy waters create a magical experience.


Embrace the winter wonderland that Halifax becomes during the colder months. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural explorations, or culinary delights, the city offers a diverse range of activities that truly capture the essence of this season. Plan your winter itinerary in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and make the most of this charming city’s offerings during the snowy months!

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